-Abandoned underground station in Paris converted into a pool
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I think you’re cute

cute as in I wanna hear what you sound like while experiencing an orgasm

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Oh no, boobs… that all women are born with. Oh no, boobs… those things that are oh to similar to mens.  Oh no, SKIN. MY SKIN. WHICH I WILL SHOW BECAUSE I WOULD LIKE TO & IT AFFECTS, NOR HARMS ANYONE OUT THERE.  Don’t shame others for their self confidence, their want for equality and their need to be free of sexual obligation and oppression.
So, have a booby selfie. My body was in a pleasant mood today, so I could take cute booby photos :)
#noshame #unlessmutualshame.
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a nice level of drunkness

idk i just feel happy and confident (which is why i started the conversation with tdawg) but yeaaaaah alcohol is good 

((also he said “you should totes come out again” and ahhhhh idk it just makes me happy ok bye))  

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ahhh feels

just had a nice lil conversation with someone i used to have a crush on :) we talked about games mostly and how we were gonna play together after exams were over and i feel rly happy but in a way i feel bad at the same time bc i have a boyfriend now and idk it might be the drink talking but i still feel giddy from it

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